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Hello Oriental Comes to Cheshire

Our Journal

Food has an unparalleled ability to bring people together, transcending cultural boundaries and creating unforgettable experiences. In a culinary landscape where innovation and fusion thrive, the partnership between Hello Oriental and The Vicarage merges Asian cuisine and British hospitality. This collaboration is set to enthral the Cheshire market, introducing an extraordinary culinary journey that tantalises taste buds and warms hearts.

Hello Oriental: A Fusion Foodie Pop-Up

Hailing from the vibrant city of Manchester, Hello Oriental has rapidly become a revered name in Asian fusion cuisine. With a menu that reads like a love letter to Asian flavours, their offerings range from delectable dim sum to bouncy bao buns and mesmerising mochi. Blending traditional techniques with contemporary creativity, Hello Oriental crafts dishes that appeal to purists and adventurous foodies.

Crafting Hospitality with Character

On the other hand, The Vicarage is a bastion of British hospitality known for its distinct collection of boutique hotels. Each property in their portfolio narrates a unique story, offering a refined and personalised stay experience. With a commitment to curating memorable moments, The Vicarage has now extended its canvas to include the realm of gastronomy, and the partnership with Hello Oriental marks an exciting chapter in its journey.

The Culinary Collab of Dreams

The much-awaited collaboration between Hello Oriental and The Vicarage introduces a culinary event that promises to elevate dining into an art form. This three-course extravaganza is a symphony. Imagine indulging in platters of meticulously handcrafted dim sum, where each delicate parcel bursts with rich aromas and textures that dance on your palate.

The journey continues with bouncy bao buns that encase succulent fillings, offering a playful contrast of flavours and sensations. But the real showstopper is the mega mochi. This fusion dessert seamlessly blends Eastern and Western influences, presenting a delightful array of colours and flavours that are as stunning to look at as they are fun to taste.

Elevating the Experience

To complement this exquisite culinary experience, Hello Oriental and The Vicarage have meticulously curated a selection of cocktail pairings that weave seamlessly with the flavours of each course. The art of mixology takes centre stage as expert bartenders craft concoctions that elevate the dining journey to new heights. From refreshing and citrusy libations that cleanse the palate to sophisticated sips that amplify the richness of the dishes, the cocktail pairings are a testament to the thoughtfulness behind this collaboration.

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