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Start Dry January in Style

Our Journal

The Vicarage proudly introduces an innovative selection of drinks tailor-made for those diving into Dry January and stepping into sobriety. We’re promising indulgent cocktails and proper pints, all without the hangover in the morning.

Negroni – Elevating Tradition Infused with sophistication and flavour, our take on the classic Negroni features Lyres Rosso and Lyres Italian Spirit. These meticulously selected ingredients blend seamlessly with Tanqueray Non-Alcoholic, offering a harmonious balance of bitterness and depth. Adding Dash Low Alcohol Orange Bitters completes this masterpiece, delivering the essence of the traditional Negroni without a drop of alcohol.

Espresso Martini – A Decadent Twist Indulge in the richness of an Espresso Martini reimagined for the sober palate. Our version boasts Lyres Coffee Liqueur and Stryyk Non-Alcoholic Vodka, providing the depth and complexity synonymous with the original. Enhanced with a fusion of vanilla and hazelnut syrups and an espresso shot, this sophisticated creation celebrates flavours that transcend the need for alcohol.

That “Spritz” – A Mediterranean Sip Transport yourself to the sun-drenched Mediterranean coast with our rendition of the classic Spritz. Crafted with Lyres Italian Spirit and infused with the enthusiasm of Dash Soda, this concoction reaches new heights when blended with Mediterranean Tonic. The result? A refreshing, citrusy delight that embodies the essence of a Spritz minus the alcohol.

At The Vicarage, we embrace the ethos that indulgence should not come at the cost of well-being. Our sober selection isn’t merely a substitute but a celebration of flavours, craftsmanship, and inclusivity. Whether you’re a fervent supporter of Dry January or simply seeking a break from alcohol, our concoctions promise an unforgettable experience minus the morning headaches!

Join us as we raise our glasses to a month of clarity, wellness, and the art of crafting beverages that delight the senses without compromising on taste. Cheers to Dry January at The Vicarage, where every sip tells a story of innovation, flavour, and a commitment to an inclusive drinking culture.

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